Treat yourself to the Best Bra Hanger on the market! Only $19.99

Bra Tree

Hang Me on the Bra Tree!

Hang your Bras? Yes! Save space and Eliminate bra damage.

Wow, a NEW concept! Hang your bras for easy viewing and quick access. Never search for a bra again!

Meet Angel

Bra Tree

Angel is dedicated to help you with a convenient way to keep your bosom buddies new and in shape to support your curves the way they should.

A Must Have For The Sophisticated, On-The-Go Woman Who Desires Convenience, Values Time and Takes Pride in her Bras and Intimates.

The Bra Tree® is a unique and innovative hanging Bra Organizer and Lingerie Hanger, beautifully designed for the sophisticated, on-the-go woman who desires convenience, values time, and takes special pride in her bras and other intimates.

Exactly what the  inventor intended, the Bra Tree® is sleek, sexy, and feminine.

The Bra Tree® is a two-tiered hanger with a swivel hook, enabling it to hang in any direction, and a total of twelve (12) smooth hooks for storing bras and other delicate  intimates.  It’s also the perfect place to hang your swimsuits, belts, scarves and more!

Put a second Bra Tree® in your laundry room and as your intimates come out of the wash hang them to dry before transferring to the closet.   The Bra Tree® design comes standard width for an easy fit in your closet and with a variety of colors and prints to choose from it makes for a sexy, attractive addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Join the movement along with thousands of other women in giving your bras and other delicates the care they deserve.  Give them the Bra Tree®!

Hanging Organizers and Space Saving Organizers Are On the Rise!

It feels so good to get organized and live clutter free. Closet and wall organizers are great space savers and becoming very popular.

While surfing the web for some sort of hanging organizing solution I noticed there were many Hanging Organizers. Organizers for shoes, ties, cosmetic bags, nursery products, CD’s, and clothes. It’s amazing how many organizers there are.

According to an annual report, women spend over 1 BILLION DOLLARS on lingerie and bras every year. Most women have 6-10 bras on average. That is a lot of bras! Amazingly, there wasn’t one hanging organizer, bra organizer or a lingerie hanger that you could consolidate multiple lingerie items on and hang in your closet.

Some of you may have never thought about this but, it appears that one of the things often overlooked is the care we give to our bras and lingerie.
It seems that men’s ties and belts are more important. Men even have hat organizers. Really?

Money spent on an expensive bra and time searching for a well fitted bra is valuable. The need to have proper bra storage is necessary. An overstuffed drawer of tangled and damaged bras can be a waste of your money and time.

If you enjoy sexy lingerie and having sexy bras having an easy and convenient way to hang, organize and store them is essential.

Give your bosom buddies some love!