Meet Angel

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Founder, Angelica, is the inventor of The BraTree®, a wife, and a proud mother of 2 boys. Her younger son Zachary is a college student and her older son Joshua is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army serving our Country. Angel previously worked in the Dental Industry for over a decade until she decided to take a leap of faith and live her dream of becoming an entrepreneur with just an idea. Regardless of her fears and a down economy she followed what her intuition that was telling her, “Go for it!”
Angel’s patented product is designed to address an issue that all women must deal with, Bra Storage.  Women are constantly struggling with tangled bras in their drawers, or with the dreadful appearance of their bras hanging on door knobs.
After countless hours of searching for proper bra care methods and bra storage for bras, sports bras, and sexy lingerie. Angelica discovered that there were no alternatives besides the traditional, MESSY drawer.
As soon as she created her first prototype, she knew it was a winner.  All of her female friends and family members wanted one. Finally, there is a practical and feminine hanger to store and organize our collection of sexy bras and lingerie.

This form of bra storage is perfect!

Head-Shots-0144-682x1024 Meet Angel

I Invented the BraTree® to solve a problem for all women who are looking for a new way to store their bras!

What a Fresh Concept!

The BraTree® is simple for bra care, and it works. It just makes sense. Angelica is proud to have pioneered in a fresh innovative way for women to care for their intimates in an easy, convenient and affordable way.  She is confident that once women use the BraTree® they will never use the drawer (or door knob) again.  She was inspired to share her innovative bra storage idea in hopes to simplify the lives of women around the world.
I personally want to thank each and everyone of you who have supported me and inspired me to continue with my entrepreneurial journey.  It has been exciting, challenging, rewarding, and not to mention terrifying at times.  I have no regrets and I am very proud to have pioneered in a new concept and a product for women around the world.  I am honored that so many of you have embraced what I have created and I look forward to many more women joining the revolution!  
I guarantee that you will love the convenience that your BraTree® provides.

Head-Shots-0144-682x1024 Meet Angel

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