Better Bra Care Taken up A Notch

In today’s fast paced world, who has time to dig through the bra drawer looking for the right color or even a specific one? All that shifting and squishing causes such damage to under wire and padding, and makes everything all twisted up together. We say no more! It’s time to treat yourself to the Bra Tree. The Bra Tree is a hanging organizer that makes the drawer dig a thing of the past.

The Bra Tree was born on a night when it took 15 minutes digging through, and damaging the bras all stuffed in a drawer. There just had to be a better way than this. The best way to maintain a bra’s integrity and shape is to hang it, but who has room to hang each bra on a hanger in the closet? Now anyone can.

Taking proper care of your bra is the only way for it to last. It’s a good idea to have several bras so you can rotate them. You should not wear your bra more than 3 times a week, and never consecutive days. The best bra care is hand washing:

>Fill the sink with cool water and a couple tablespoons of mild liquid detergent. Soak your bra for about 15 minutes. This allows the soap to penetrate through the entire garment.

>Gently and thoroughly rub all parts of the bra including the shoulder and back straps.

>Run cool water over the entire bra until the water runs clear. This is the best way to rinse the dirt and soap out of the material.

>Place the bra on a towel and place a towel on top. Gently press to remove all excess water.

>Hook clasps and fix cups prior to hanging to air dry.

Of course, not everyone has the time to hand wash intimates. If you must use a washing machine for your bra, hook clasps and tighten shoulder straps before placing it in a garment bag. Using a garment bag lessens the stress put on the bra and helps prevent it from tangling with other clothing and washing machine parts. Put the machine on gentle cycle and cool rinse. Use a mild detergent. NEVER dry your bra in the dryer. Hang to air dry after checking that clasps are still hooked and cups are fixed.

The best hanger to hang your bras on to dry and for storage is the Bra Tree. It is an organizer, a space saver, and a multitasker. Not only can you hang your bras, but all intimates, lingerie, and swimsuits.

Never dig for a bra again. Contact us today to discover your perfect Bra Tree.

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