Bra Fitting Tips: When, Why and How to Find the Right One for You

Most of us expect our breasts to stop growing once we hit our twenties.  So we keep wearing the same bras in our twenties, thirties, forties and even later.  However, a woman’s body is never static.  There are all kinds of reasons why your breasts might continue to change even after you’re past your developmental period.  So it’s important to consider some bra fitting tips.

Why Change Your Bra?

For some women, breasts actually continue to grow even after they’ve hit their twenties.  For other women, weight gain or weight loss can result in larger or smaller breasts.  Motherhood, of course, can also result in an increase in breast size.

So never assume that your breasts are going to stay the same size and shape throughout your life.  Keep checking to see if you are comfortable in the bras you wear.  People purchase larger or smaller clothes as their bodies change.  You need to do this with your bras too.

Is Your Bra Too Tight or Too Loose?

Every six months, you should take stock of your lingerie and how it feels on your body.  Are your underwires beginning to dig in?  Do the straps of your bras feel too tight?  Or have they actually stretched out due to washing and become too loose?

Go through everything you have and separate the things that still feel good from the things that are too tight or too loose.  If all your bras are starting to dig a little bit or if they’ve stopped providing adequate coverage (like when your nipple keeps popping out over the top), it’s time to go bra-shopping.

Strap Size vs. Cup Size

If you feel like your bra is feeling tight around the strap, then it’s time to increase the strap size.  This means that if you’re a 34C, you might need to switch to a 36C.  However, if it’s the cup that’s beginning to feel small, you’ll need to get a new bra in a new cup size.  So if you’re a 36C, you might need to go to a 36D.

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to find larger cup sizes.  So we end up just going for a larger strap size and hope that it works.  However, it usually doesn’t.  So if you need a larger cup size, it’s best to search for it until you find it.

Also feel free to try out a few different bras and choose the one that you can breathe most freely in, without giving up support.

Changing Panty Size

The same goes for panties too, of course.  If you’ve gained a bit of weight, then it’s possible that you still fit into the old panties.  However, they might start digging in on the sides or right under your tummy, which is uncomfortable and not very attractive.  Why not buy new ones that fit you well?  This might make you feel good about your body overall.

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