Caring for Your Lingerie

Your lingerie takes care of you when it counts, so it only makes sense to return the favor! Caring for lingerie doesn’t have to be a long or labor-intensive process, but it is integral for making sure your favorite pieces have long, active lives.

When it comes to maintaining your dainties, be aware of wear and tear. Panties and stockings are good for a single night of fun, but bras are better off worn a couple of times before washing. Unless you’re sweating heavy, keep your bras out of the hamper a little longer to preserve and protect them. Bras are noticeably more complex than panties, and washing too frequently can strain delicate fabrics, warp wires, or stretch elastic before their time.

There’s a reason they’re called your “delicates.” Treat them as such!

Read all labels carefully, or just play it safe and always wash by hand. Use a mild detergent in cold water, agitate gently, and rinse thoroughly– Especially those padded areas prone to collecting sweat. No need to “squish” your bra pads, though, as that can lead to cup distortion. Just press them lightly to help expel the water.

If you do need to machine wash, secure your hooks and remove any detachable buttons, ribbons, snaps, etc. (hey, we all know how elaborate some pieces can be) to make sure they don’t snag and use a lingerie bag to sustain elasticity and prevent deformation. Be sure to avoid the dryer, though! All that heat is killer on elastic. Always let your hard-not-to-mention unmentionables air dry, instead. Panties should be dried in open air on top of a towel, as hanging can cause unnecessary stretching.

Try to store your panties, stockings, and bras separately. When storing bras, avoid inverting one cup into the other: It’s just one more way to inadvertently destroy their shape! Hang them up, instead. Or kill two birds with one stone by drying and storing your bras and lingerie on a Bra Tree!

When you know the individual needs of each delicate piece, it’s much easier to take care of them. With a little understanding and diligent care, your lingerie will keep you feeling sexy and confident for a long time.

If you have more questions about the best ways to care for your intimates or are interested in getting a Bra Tree of your very own, contact us today!

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