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Bra Fitting Tips: When, Why and How to Find the Right One for You

Most of us expect our breasts to stop growing once we hit our twenties.  So we keep wearing the same bras in our twenties, thirties, forties and even later.  However, a woman’s body is never static.  There are all kinds of reasons why your breasts might continue to change even after you’re past your developmental period.  So it’s important to consider some bra fitting tips.

Why Change Your Bra?

For some women, breasts actually continue to grow even after they’ve hit their twenties.  For other women, weight gain or weight loss can result in larger or smaller breasts.  Motherhood, of course, can also result in an increase in breast size.

So never assume that your breasts are going to stay the same size and shape throughout your life.  Keep checking to see if you are comfortable in the bras you wear.  People purchase larger or smaller clothes as their bodies change.  You need to do this with your bras too.

Is Your Bra Too Tight or Too Loose?

Every six months, you should take stock of your lingerie and how it feels on your body.  Are your underwires beginning to dig in?  Do the straps of your bras feel too tight?  Or have they actually stretched out due to washing and become too loose?

Go through everything you have and separate the things that still feel good from the things that are too tight or too loose.  If all your bras are starting to dig a little bit or if they’ve stopped providing adequate coverage (like when your nipple keeps popping out over the top), it’s time to go bra-shopping.

Strap Size vs. Cup Size

If you feel like your bra is feeling tight around the strap, then it’s time to increase the strap size.  This means that if you’re a 34C, you might need to switch to a 36C.  However, if it’s the cup that’s beginning to feel small, you’ll need to get a new bra in a new cup size.  So if you’re a 36C, you might need to go to a 36D.

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to find larger cup sizes.  So we end up just going for a larger strap size and hope that it works.  However, it usually doesn’t.  So if you need a larger cup size, it’s best to search for it until you find it.

Also feel free to try out a few different bras and choose the one that you can breathe most freely in, without giving up support.

Changing Panty Size

The same goes for panties too, of course.  If you’ve gained a bit of weight, then it’s possible that you still fit into the old panties.  However, they might start digging in on the sides or right under your tummy, which is uncomfortable and not very attractive.  Why not buy new ones that fit you well?  This might make you feel good about your body overall.

Contact us for more tips about wearing the lingerie that looks best on your body.

How to Pick the Best Lingerie for Your Personality with Ease

Your lingerie is the most intimate type of apparel you’re ever going to wear. Therefore, it should be representative of who you are. To learn how to pick the best lingerie for your personality, check out the following list of recommended lingerie for the four most common female types.

Girly Girl Princess

Is pink your favorite color? Do you enjoy embracing your feminine side? Then you’re definitely a girly girl. Your lingerie style probably leans a little more towards cute than sexy. Thus, babydolls would be perfect for you. And of course, pink would be a great color for the babydolls.

Sexy Vixen

Like flaunting what your Mama gave you? Your best bet as far as lingerie goes is a sexy teddy made of lace or mesh. Wear it with a pair of stockings for the ultimate effect.

Sophisticated Lady

Are you a classy lady who likes to leave things to the imagination? Then a chemise is the ideal intimate apparel for you. This style of lingerie can show off your figure without being too revealing. And if you wish to cover yourself up even further, wear a kimono over the chemise.

Sporty Chic

Love feeling comfortable and chic at the same time? Then a sleepshirt should be right up your alley. A nightie is also nice for whenever you feel like playing up your feminine attributes.

If you find yourself fitting into more than one female type, that’s perfectly okay. Different occasions can call for different lingerie types anyway. So feel free to stock up on a variety of lingerie styles, and contact us for a Bra Tree that’s perfect for all lingerie personalities.

Beautiful Bras for a Large Bust

Every women feels better when she has a comfortable bra on. However sacrificing beautiful lingerie shouldn’t have to come in-between ladies and their comfort. If you’re looking for the best bras for larger breasted women this list will help you add a couple of great pieces to your wardrobe. All of these brands specialize in large cup sizes. They have a common focus which is to make comfort, support, and beauty all equally important.

  •  Curvy Kate: Great coverage for cup size D-K while still looking delicate and beautiful.
  • Parfait by Affinitas: From the popular Affinitas brand, this is a special line that serves large busted women to fit their needs. Still delivers a high-end product through this sister brand.
  • Elomi Lingerie: Boost about their “unparalleled fit, effortless support, and striking design”.
  • Cloe Bras: A United Kingdom brand that brings European flare to their pieces.
  • Miss Mandalay: Known for the pretty little details like bows and ribbon. They have a long reputation for a very comfortable fit.
  • Goddess Bras: Makes every day bras that are both simple enough for everyday use, but pretty enough to make you feel great.

Once you have a few of these gorgeous designs, contact us to order a Bra Tree to keep your collection in perfect condition. It can hold up to 12 items at one time making it a great space saver. Once you have bras that you really love you won’t want them in a drawer where they can become flattened or bent over time. Instead hang them behind a closet door with the Bra Tree and always have them looking new.

How to Take Care of your Intimate Apparel Properly

Glamour Magazine estimates that the average woman owns 16 bras at any given time, and will spend around $4,000 on bras during her lifetime. That doesn’t account for underwear and other lacy undergarments, all of which must be cared for properly in order to maintain their shape. Most women fail to care for their intimate apparel properly-here are some tips you should use to ensure yours maintains its shape as long as possible.

Hand Washing is Best

Lingerie is often made from delicate fabrics such as silk, lace or satin that can easily become stretched or damaged when placed in a washing machine. To prevent damage, you should always hand wash your lingerie in cold water using a very mild detergent. Avoid excessive wringing, as this can cause your garments to lose their shape as well.

Before washing, you should also:

  • Separate light colors from dark
  • Hook bras to prevent them from catching on things
  • Use a soft brush to gently remove stains

After hand washing, be sure to hang your garments up to dry, as heat from the dryer can also damage their delicate fabrics and affect elasticity. Allow them to air dry away from heat sources to ensure they maintain their shape.

Never stack bras with the cups on top of one another, as this can affect the way you look while wearing them. Cups may no longer be molded to your breast tissue, and can cause an uneven appearance. A better solution would be to utilize a bra tree to hang them from instead. A bra tree will not only keep your bras in top shape, but will also make them easily accessible as well. To find out more, contact us.

Stay Organized when Storing Accessories and Intimates with These Tips

If you have as many accessories and intimates as I do, then you know how easy it is to overlook great items and feel like your closet is a mess. Try these hacks to stay organized.

Hang scarves on the inside of your closet door

Use an over-the-door coat rack. Scarves will stay neat and you’ll have an overview of your choices.

OR hang them all on the same hanger 

Do this by attaching curtain rods to one hanger and looping scarves through.

Use a tie hanger to hang tank tops 

This leaves room in your closet for other folds, and you’ll have an overview of all your tanks.

Use a muffin tray to organize jewelry 

Separating your pieces helps avoid tangles.

Use a wall mounted coat rack to hang necklaces 

Bonus: It looks pretty!

Use a wine rack for purses

Stack a few on each level and you’ll always be able to quickly decide which purse matches best.

Use a hanging shoe organizer to store underwear and socks

If you’re not already using one for shoes, that is!

Use a cork board to hang jewelry 

This is a good one if you want to have all your jewelry in one place and keep it organized. Use one pin per item. Some earrings will be able to pin straight into the board.

Use a Bra Tree® to hang bras

Use the Bra Tree to keep bras shapely and organized, and save that drawer space for something else. Contact us for more information.

Caring for Your Lingerie

Your lingerie takes care of you when it counts, so it only makes sense to return the favor! Caring for lingerie doesn’t have to be a long or labor-intensive process, but it is integral for making sure your favorite pieces have long, active lives.

When it comes to maintaining your dainties, be aware of wear and tear. Panties and stockings are good for a single night of fun, but bras are better off worn a couple of times before washing. Unless you’re sweating heavy, keep your bras out of the hamper a little longer to preserve and protect them. Bras are noticeably more complex than panties, and washing too frequently can strain delicate fabrics, warp wires, or stretch elastic before their time.

There’s a reason they’re called your “delicates.” Treat them as such!

Read all labels carefully, or just play it safe and always wash by hand. Use a mild detergent in cold water, agitate gently, and rinse thoroughly– Especially those padded areas prone to collecting sweat. No need to “squish” your bra pads, though, as that can lead to cup distortion. Just press them lightly to help expel the water.

If you do need to machine wash, secure your hooks and remove any detachable buttons, ribbons, snaps, etc. (hey, we all know how elaborate some pieces can be) to make sure they don’t snag and use a lingerie bag to sustain elasticity and prevent deformation. Be sure to avoid the dryer, though! All that heat is killer on elastic. Always let your hard-not-to-mention unmentionables air dry, instead. Panties should be dried in open air on top of a towel, as hanging can cause unnecessary stretching.

Try to store your panties, stockings, and bras separately. When storing bras, avoid inverting one cup into the other: It’s just one more way to inadvertently destroy their shape! Hang them up, instead. Or kill two birds with one stone by drying and storing your bras and lingerie on a Bra Tree!

When you know the individual needs of each delicate piece, it’s much easier to take care of them. With a little understanding and diligent care, your lingerie will keep you feeling sexy and confident for a long time.

If you have more questions about the best ways to care for your intimates or are interested in getting a Bra Tree of your very own, contact us today!

The Hottest Closet Accessory is Here

Women love their accessories, and no matter how many we have it’s never enough. We still need the right color/style/pattern/length to complete the perfect outfit. Yet as our collection grows, it all ends up a tangled mess in a dresser or jewelry table drawer. The women’s accessory solution is here: the Bra Tree.

No more rummaging and untangling to find undergarments and add the finishing touches to your outfit. The Bra Tree is your complete solution to accessory organization.

Bra’s and Panties

Necessity is the mother of invention. Keep your bra’s in good shape and have a designated drying place (as you know, bra’s should never go in the dryer). Keep them organized by color or style. You can do the same with your underwear.

Lingerie and Bathing Suits

You have that drawer with your folded intimates: those for special occasions and the ones you wear just for you to feel sexy. You can now have them hanging on a Bra Tree not only to keep them organized, but also to keep the creases out. Have matching sets paired or hang separately for mix and match fun. Bathing suits can be treated the same.

Scarves and Belts

Whether you only wear scarves during cold weather or year-round as part of your personal style, a Bra Tree is great for keeping them organized. Separate by color, length, or style. Hang them paired with a matching belt, or have the belts also organized.


No more knotted chains in your jewelry box. Hang necklaces according to length or paired with matching bracelets.

Any way you hang it, your closet and your drawers have never looked so good. With 2 levels of 6 hooks each, you have the ultimate accessory hanger that will eliminate the tangled mess that would inevitably cause damage. Contact us today to find your perfect fit!

Give your bosom buddies some love!