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The Secret Reason Why Men Love Big Breasts

We all know the saying “bigger is better” and apparently that rings true in regards to breast size. No one should seem all that shocked considering society has always seen that the majority of men find larger breasts more appealing. And now there is plenty of research that proves this is true. This article will discuss why men like big breasts.

In New Zealand, one research project tracked the movement of men’s eyes when they were conversing with women. The found that men who were speaking to women with small to medium-sized breasts were better able to maintain eye contact. However, when men spoke to women with larger breasts, their eyes would shift from the women’s eyes to her breasts throughout the conversation.

One French study had several different women wear different sized padded bras. They were instructed to sit alone in a café. The study showed that women who were wearing the larger padded bras were approached more by men.

So what exactly does this mean? The research conducted suggests that society’s long-held belief that men prefer larger breasts is true. Even dating back to nearly 35,000 years ago, people had been creating cave art of women with voluptuous hips and breasts. Biologically speaking, women with greater breast size are instinctively viewed as better able to provide for offspring. So if men say they prefer women with larger breasts, but aren’t able to offer an explanation as to why, that is the reason for their preference.

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Three Reasons Why Men Like Big Breasts

You hear it all the time that men love breasts. And in many cases, the bigger the breasts, the more the men will love them. But why do men like big breasts? Discover three interesting reasons for why men can never get enough of large breasts below.

It’s Darwinism at Work

Darwinism is all about ensuring that our species continue to reproduce. And while larger breasts do not guarantee greater breast milk production, subconsciously men are likely to believe so. Hence, whether they realize it or not, they’re actually going after the big busted women for the sake of their future children.

They’re Attracted to How Feminine the Breasts Look

One key physical difference between men and women is the development of breasts in women and not in men. Since biologically, only women can have large breasts, men can come to see big breasts as the ultimate sign of femininity. Therefore, they become greatly attracted to the large breasts in the same way that they would be attracted to a female with luscious long hair.

They’re Used to Seeing Big Breasts in Porn

Thanks to the internet, porn is readily accessible to men all day and night. Thus, they are constantly being bombarded with images of naked women with extremely large breasts. After a while, their brain can become programed to link the visual of a busty woman with hot and heavy sex. And when that happens, it’s really no wonder that they would find themselves more attracted to bustier women.

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