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15 Simple Ways to Open Your Heart

Awakening People websites’ Sabrina Reber wrote an article called “15 Simple Ways to Open Your Heart.”
With the Christmas season here and New Year’s Resolutions right around the corner, I thought we could all get something out of this article.

The 30 Best Things About Being A Woman

Cosmopolitan Magazines’ Anna Breslaw wrote “The 30 Best Things About Being A Woman” – I’ve got to say that we rock! The article did leave out one small “Best Thing” about being a woman….that’s owning a Bra Tree® !

Check out the list and let us know the thing that YOU love the most about being a woman!

1. We’re better listeners. Which is why we can talk to our friends on the phone for hours about everything from foreign policy to Rihanna, and guys don’t really talk to each other about jack shit.

2. We can multi-task. Hello, texting, putting makeup on and looking up directions and being happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

3. We are better at parking. Yeahh, that whole “women are bad drivers because Tampon Brain” stereotype? Mythbusted. Even insurance companies know it. Sorry, unoriginal stand-up comedians.

4. And we’re more likely to negotiate a good deal on car repairs.

5. We also save money on everything else. Oh, the power of flirting.

6. Unlike their male counterparts, female leaders check their egos at the door. As U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said, “Women do have a more inclusive way of leading. We try to bring more people along with us.”

7. Our sex lives stay hot well into our suburbs-and-SUV years. We’re all Mrs. Robinson.

8. And our sexuality is more fluid. Particularly as we age. A Boise University study found that 60 percent of heterosexual women have been sexually attracted to other women, which allows us a much greater chance at finding a partner who won’t annoy the shit out of us, thank you very much.

9. We’re better at giving gifts. Because we are tasteful and thoughtful and know when a necklace is hideous even if it’s expensive.

10. Women who drink a glass of wine a week make healthier life choices overall. Amazing.

11. We’re better at expressing ourselves via text. Seriously, give any random woman on the street an iPhone and tell her to text her BFF, and she basically becomes Arthur Miller.

12. We make better doctors. No matter what the constant catfighting on Grey’s Anatomy might suggest to you, female doctors are basically Cristina Yang sans emotional dysfunction.

13. We’re more emotionally intelligent. In other words, we’ve never tried to have sex with someone who was crying, unlike a certain gender.

14. We care more about the environment. Women are far more likely to recycle on the regs than men are.

15. Women with big butts are smarter and healthier. Holla.

16. Girls do better in school.

17. And women do better in college.

18. We don’t have to feel weird in yoga. I see you, one guy in all-female class who may or may not be there to look up girls’ buttholes. Stop it.

19. We handle job interview stress more gracefully. With one glass of wine! Just kidding. Kinda.

20. We’re attracted to funny guys without being threatened. Get over yourselves, men.

21. We manage debt better. You + Sallie Mae = BFF. (Okay, maybe not, but still, you’re better off.)

22. Michelle Obama is a woman. Which is pretty much like having Vin Diesel on our dodgeball team.

23. We have a much wider and more diverse range of shoe options. If my only two choices were Converse, flip-flips, and dress shoes, I would die of boredom.

24. We can change our hair and look completely different whenever we want. And we don’t look like seven-year-olds right after a haircut.

25. Our bodies are nicer. I mean, penises are functional, but they’re no prize visually.

26. We don’t look like a bag of fruit when we work out in Spandex.

27. We can enjoy wonderful things like interpretive dance and baby animals and Beyoncé without judgment.

28. We’re better Army helicopter pilots.

29. We can improve our appearance via makeup. Which is totally subjective, and could mean anything from “We can even out our skin tone” to “We can wear crazy blue lipstick and look like a badass” if we want to.

30. We have the ability to create life. You know, NBD.

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What It’s Like to Wear a Bikini 365 Days a Year?

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13 Things Every Woman Thinks About Her Breasts

by Lane Moore (May 08, 2015 – Cosmopolitan)
1. I can see why guys are into these. I stare at them in the mirror all day, every day, and I never get tired of them. Good call with the breast-liking, men.
2. Where did you even come from? At one point, I didn’t have you, and then suddenly I did. I know there was probably a process but honestly I do not recall it.
3. I wonder how much they weigh. Should I put them on a scale? Do I do that individually and put them up there like cuts of meat? Will it even get an accurate weight? Can I use a scale you’d use for food portions? Maybe I should buy a separate scale.
4. What the hell is this one random hair? One time I got one hair — one — on my breast and I couldn’t understand where it had come from. Did someone plant a seed there? And then it was finally harvest season and bam, a hair exists there now? I still have no idea.
5. Is this how everyone’s nipples look? It can’t be. I’m sure there are larger and smaller nipples, or darker or lighter. Wow. I just realized there are probably thousands of types of nipples I’ve never seen before. I should spend the rest of the day Googling nipples just to make sure I never miss seeing a good pair. That’d be like missing a sunset and no one wants that.
6. It truly sucks that I cannot walk around topless all the time. Guys, if you could just be cool about it, we would do this all the time.
7. My breasts look so weird when I’m on top during sex. I can’t stop staring at them, and then I lose focus and realize I’m having sex with another person. Then I try to focus on the other person, but seriously, when else do I get to look at my breasts while they’re moving like this? I have to seize this opportunity to study them in this environment. BRB, sex.
8. I wonder what my breasts look like when someone is on top of me. Juuuust gonna take a boob selfie from high up to replicate the angle. Oh, nice! Lucky him.
9. Why is there seemingly no perfect bra size for you guys?! There’s always something that feels slightly off. I don’t know if one of you is larger and one of you is smaller, or if I’m just a weird, in-between size, but something’s off. Why can’t you just make a decision to mold to society’s definition of standard breast sizing? Seriously.
10. I wish I could magically change you juuuuust slightly without any surgery at all. Like with my mind or something. For me, I wish my breasts were juuuust slightly smaller. And by that I mean “by several cup sizes” but still, that’s a small adjustment, right? No big.
11. I wonder what it would be like to have someone else’s breasts for a day. Like Freaky Friday but with breasts. I could walk around with smaller breasts or much, much larger ones and then, ultimately grow to appreciate the breasts I already have. That’d be a cool day.
12. Is everyone naming you but me? Should I give you names? Um, Mr. and Mrs. Vanhausenschnitz. Maybe that’s too formal. Or maybe it’s not too formal, but you’re actually Mrs. and Mrs. Vanhausenschnitz, and I just didn’t know. My apologies. I support your union.
13. Yes, I am going to spend the whole afternoon poking you and watching you move like a Jello mold. This is very productive of me. A+.
Source: 13 Things Every Woman Thinks About Her Breasts. By: Lane Moore. May 08, 2015

Stay Organized when Storing Accessories and Intimates with These Tips

If you have as many accessories and intimates as I do, then you know how easy it is to overlook great items and feel like your closet is a mess. Try these hacks to stay organized.

Hang scarves on the inside of your closet door

Use an over-the-door coat rack. Scarves will stay neat and you’ll have an overview of your choices.

OR hang them all on the same hanger 

Do this by attaching curtain rods to one hanger and looping scarves through.

Use a tie hanger to hang tank tops 

This leaves room in your closet for other folds, and you’ll have an overview of all your tanks.

Use a muffin tray to organize jewelry 

Separating your pieces helps avoid tangles.

Use a wall mounted coat rack to hang necklaces 

Bonus: It looks pretty!

Use a wine rack for purses

Stack a few on each level and you’ll always be able to quickly decide which purse matches best.

Use a hanging shoe organizer to store underwear and socks

If you’re not already using one for shoes, that is!

Use a cork board to hang jewelry 

This is a good one if you want to have all your jewelry in one place and keep it organized. Use one pin per item. Some earrings will be able to pin straight into the board.

Use a Bra Tree® to hang bras

Use the Bra Tree to keep bras shapely and organized, and save that drawer space for something else. Contact us for more information.

Caring for Your Lingerie

Your lingerie takes care of you when it counts, so it only makes sense to return the favor! Caring for lingerie doesn’t have to be a long or labor-intensive process, but it is integral for making sure your favorite pieces have long, active lives.

When it comes to maintaining your dainties, be aware of wear and tear. Panties and stockings are good for a single night of fun, but bras are better off worn a couple of times before washing. Unless you’re sweating heavy, keep your bras out of the hamper a little longer to preserve and protect them. Bras are noticeably more complex than panties, and washing too frequently can strain delicate fabrics, warp wires, or stretch elastic before their time.

There’s a reason they’re called your “delicates.” Treat them as such!

Read all labels carefully, or just play it safe and always wash by hand. Use a mild detergent in cold water, agitate gently, and rinse thoroughly– Especially those padded areas prone to collecting sweat. No need to “squish” your bra pads, though, as that can lead to cup distortion. Just press them lightly to help expel the water.

If you do need to machine wash, secure your hooks and remove any detachable buttons, ribbons, snaps, etc. (hey, we all know how elaborate some pieces can be) to make sure they don’t snag and use a lingerie bag to sustain elasticity and prevent deformation. Be sure to avoid the dryer, though! All that heat is killer on elastic. Always let your hard-not-to-mention unmentionables air dry, instead. Panties should be dried in open air on top of a towel, as hanging can cause unnecessary stretching.

Try to store your panties, stockings, and bras separately. When storing bras, avoid inverting one cup into the other: It’s just one more way to inadvertently destroy their shape! Hang them up, instead. Or kill two birds with one stone by drying and storing your bras and lingerie on a Bra Tree!

When you know the individual needs of each delicate piece, it’s much easier to take care of them. With a little understanding and diligent care, your lingerie will keep you feeling sexy and confident for a long time.

If you have more questions about the best ways to care for your intimates or are interested in getting a Bra Tree of your very own, contact us today!

Give your bosom buddies some love!