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What ‘s Your Lingerie Color?

What’s Your Lingerie Color ?

Let’s face it ladies, lingerie makes you look and feel sexy! And, men love it! The color you choose can really set the mood and tell a man something about you. Here are some tips on what your color choice is saying about you.

If you chose pink for your favorite piece of lingerie, you chose the one most men still prefer as their favorite. After our survey we discovered that as many as 40% of men still choose pink as their favorite color of lingerie for women to wear. Pink, according to our survey, is a color denoting femininity. Not only is pink lingerie feminine, it is brilliant, and attracts the attention of men. If you are the gentle and feminine type, then pink is your color.

Surprisingly enough, men are still turned on by white lingerie and find that women in white are still sexy as can be! White lingerie demonstrates the illusion of innocence and purity. Almost 30% of men chose white. Sexy though innocent still speaks to the hearts of many men.

According to our experts, red and black are colors for special moments. When you want your message to be loud and clear, wear red or black lingerie. These colors are bold, and express sexiness; confidence and say come and get me! Red and black lingerie are also elegant colors that can be worn by any body type and still scream, “Look at me!”

The color of lingerie you choose not only tells a lot about you, but about the mood you’re in so make sure you are selecting the right color for the right occasion! 

Pink Bras and Lingerie

Pink is the color of choice for lingerie. In a recent survey as many as 40% of the respondents picked pink as their favorite color. Through previous research we found that pink is in.  Beauty expert Ms. Patrick, comments, “pink is the color denoting femininity and innocence”. At the same time it is a color with the right amount of brilliance to attract attention. Men love to see women in pink whether it’s a pink bra and panties or full on lingerie. There’s just something about pink that lures men. Simply put, it’s just sexy!  All this was not  surprising to me since from the time we launched our Bra Tree’s, pink has been my best seller and continues to sell out annually.

November 21, 2011

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