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Bra Fitting Tips: When, Why and How to Find the Right One for You

Most of us expect our breasts to stop growing once we hit our twenties.  So we keep wearing the same bras in our twenties, thirties, forties and even later.  However, a woman’s body is never static.  There are all kinds of reasons why your breasts might continue to change even after you’re past your developmental period.  So it’s important to consider some bra fitting tips.

Why Change Your Bra?

For some women, breasts actually continue to grow even after they’ve hit their twenties.  For other women, weight gain or weight loss can result in larger or smaller breasts.  Motherhood, of course, can also result in an increase in breast size.

So never assume that your breasts are going to stay the same size and shape throughout your life.  Keep checking to see if you are comfortable in the bras you wear.  People purchase larger or smaller clothes as their bodies change.  You need to do this with your bras too.

Is Your Bra Too Tight or Too Loose?

Every six months, you should take stock of your lingerie and how it feels on your body.  Are your underwires beginning to dig in?  Do the straps of your bras feel too tight?  Or have they actually stretched out due to washing and become too loose?

Go through everything you have and separate the things that still feel good from the things that are too tight or too loose.  If all your bras are starting to dig a little bit or if they’ve stopped providing adequate coverage (like when your nipple keeps popping out over the top), it’s time to go bra-shopping.

Strap Size vs. Cup Size

If you feel like your bra is feeling tight around the strap, then it’s time to increase the strap size.  This means that if you’re a 34C, you might need to switch to a 36C.  However, if it’s the cup that’s beginning to feel small, you’ll need to get a new bra in a new cup size.  So if you’re a 36C, you might need to go to a 36D.

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to find larger cup sizes.  So we end up just going for a larger strap size and hope that it works.  However, it usually doesn’t.  So if you need a larger cup size, it’s best to search for it until you find it.

Also feel free to try out a few different bras and choose the one that you can breathe most freely in, without giving up support.

Changing Panty Size

The same goes for panties too, of course.  If you’ve gained a bit of weight, then it’s possible that you still fit into the old panties.  However, they might start digging in on the sides or right under your tummy, which is uncomfortable and not very attractive.  Why not buy new ones that fit you well?  This might make you feel good about your body overall.

Contact us for more tips about wearing the lingerie that looks best on your body.

Beautiful Bras for a Large Bust

Every women feels better when she has a comfortable bra on. However sacrificing beautiful lingerie shouldn’t have to come in-between ladies and their comfort. If you’re looking for the best bras for larger breasted women this list will help you add a couple of great pieces to your wardrobe. All of these brands specialize in large cup sizes. They have a common focus which is to make comfort, support, and beauty all equally important.

  •  Curvy Kate: Great coverage for cup size D-K while still looking delicate and beautiful.
  • Parfait by Affinitas: From the popular Affinitas brand, this is a special line that serves large busted women to fit their needs. Still delivers a high-end product through this sister brand.
  • Elomi Lingerie: Boost about their “unparalleled fit, effortless support, and striking design”.
  • Cloe Bras: A United Kingdom brand that brings European flare to their pieces.
  • Miss Mandalay: Known for the pretty little details like bows and ribbon. They have a long reputation for a very comfortable fit.
  • Goddess Bras: Makes every day bras that are both simple enough for everyday use, but pretty enough to make you feel great.

Once you have a few of these gorgeous designs, contact us to order a Bra Tree to keep your collection in perfect condition. It can hold up to 12 items at one time making it a great space saver. Once you have bras that you really love you won’t want them in a drawer where they can become flattened or bent over time. Instead hang them behind a closet door with the Bra Tree and always have them looking new.

Underwire or No Wire, Five Tips on How to Love Them Both

It has been a great fashion debate for decades as to whether a woman should wear underwire bras or bras with no wires. Every woman has her own opinion about what bra works best. Whichever side you choose in this war is totally up to you.

Every woman can give her own personal story on why underwire or no wire is better. The truth is, you like what you like. Some women claim that underwire is way too uncomfortable and hard to take care of. Some women would swear that underwire is the best way to accent the breasts and define the breast area.

The purpose of the underwire is to round out the breasts and give them a lift. Underwire is great for those who like them. Even liking just a sports bra is a personal choice. However, you should know just how to take care of whatever bra you choose.

To get the most out of a bra underwire or not, here are five tips to taking care of them:

  1. Remember that underwire is picky. Underwire can work itself out of the bra and end up poking you later. They can also work themselves out of the bra when you least expect it. To keep this from happening never stuff them in drawers, or the washing machine.
  2. Wash all of them by hand! Whether your bras have a wire or not, you can save wear and breakdown of your bras by washing them by hand. Lace and hooks can get caught up in other clothes and the washing machine.
  3. Use hand wash friendly soap! A lot of bras are made of delicate materials and detergent can also break them down. Use a detergent that is made just for hand washing intimates.
  4. Use a Bra Tree organizer to dry them and store them. The Bra Tree will keep you from using the shower rod or the door knobs.
  5. When you get home after a long hard day at work, hang your bra up to keep it off the floor or stuffed in the hamper. If your bra needs to be cleaned, then clean it and hang it back on the Bra Tree. This way you always have a clean bra ready to go.

Following these simple tips will keep your bras fresh and organized. Also you will save money in the long run, because you will not need to buy bras as often. To get your very own Bra Tree or have any questions, please contact us!

Three Tips for Picking a Good Sports Bra

Getting ready to make good on your promise to yourself in regards to working out more? Then you’ll need a new sports bra. Discover three tips for picking a good sports bra to wear for your workouts below.

Try Before You Buy

Ordering consumer goods online is definitely easier than going to the stores. However, for this particular purchase, it is worth your while to go directly to a store in your local area. That’s because it will give you the opportunity to try on the sports bra before you buy. Also, it will make comparing various sports bras a lot simpler.

Move Around in the Sports Bra

When trying on the sports bra, don’t just stand and pose. Move around in it. Jump up and down. Run in place. Use movements that are similar to the ones you’re likely to use for the type of exercises you’re planning on doing. This will allow you to accurately gauge whether or not the sports bra would be able to offer enough support for your breasts during your workout routine.

Choose a Pretty One

To increase your fondness of working out, try picking a pretty sports bra. The thought of getting to wear beautiful workout gear will help to get you excited about working out. Also, buying an attractive sports bra will allow you to proudly show it off once you’re no longer shy about exercising with just a sports bra on top.

Once you’re able to pick out a good sports bra, it’s time to hang it on the Bra Tree. Contact us if you have any questions about using the bra tree to hang your sports bra.

Five Reasons Every Woman Needs a Bra Tree

All women like having really great bras as a part of their wardrobe. The women who even like to wear sports bras have some more dressier intimates that they like to wear when they dress up.

The great thing is, there has been a product called the Bra Tree invented to help all women with their everyday bra issues such as, organization and cleaning.

Here are five reasons why every woman should invest in Bra Tree:

  1. Every girl, even guy has probably gone to a female’s house and seen bras hanging over the shower rod or on the door knobs. With bra tree, you can hang your bras in a less exposed area to dry. This way you don’t have to feel embarrassed when company comes unexpected. You can hang your intimates on the inside of the shower with Bra Tree.
  2. Have you ever opened the bra drawer and find all the bras in bad shape from smashing and disorganization? With Bra Tree you can hang them all in the closet to keep them from being squeezed into the drawer and getting flattened.
  3. Bra Tree saves underwire madness! Ever have a bra that the underwire pops out of? Ever had one pop out while wearing it? Ouch! Under wires come loose from being dried in the dryer and being smashed into a drawer. With Bra Tree there is never a reason to put your bras into the dryer again. Hang them on the organizer to dry and to store.
  4. Do you have expensive bikinis or bathing suits? You can hang your swimming gear up after you hand wash it on the Bra Tree versus the back porch, or your husband’s den lamp.
  5. Do you wear expensive camisoles or whole piece undergarments to church on Sunday? After you wear them, you can safely hang and organize them on the Bra Tree in the closet until next Sunday. This beats throwing them on the hall tree for everyone to see until the next weekend.

Every woman needs a bra tree, or two, or three to keep their precious intimates out of the public eye and stored away. The best part is, you can even dry them safely out of view.

The last thing you want to have happen is houseguests joking about your intimate pieces or using them as hats. Get your Bra Tree today by visiting our website or you can contact us!

The Bra Tree: the ultimate clutter eliminator

Listen up, ladies! With all of the underwear items we collect, organizing our essentials can be a hassle. Drawers are much-needed for storage, but as we all know, they don’t really organize anything. Instead, they just hide the mess. Now, there is finally some relief from the never-ending hunt for specific bras, panties, lingerie, and more! Check out the Bra Tree, the ultimate clutter eliminator.

The Bra Tree is the one and only bra and lingerie organizer on the market and is the optimal solution for helping you declutter and save yourself from a lifetime of messy drawers! Keep reading for some great ways to use the Bra Tree.

Bras: Have you ever been on a hunt for a specific bra, but your unruly drawers slow you down? Or found your bras hooked together in a giant tangle of straps? The Bra Tree is the perfect fix for those time-consuming bra woes.

Undies: Everyone has that one drawer that is designated for underwear. And most of the time it is jam-packed with mountains of undies in every color and style. Arranging your underwear drawer may seem like an impossible feat, but the Bra Tree can help you conquer it.

Lingerie: Stuffing lingerie into drawers may seem like the only option, but unfortunately it is really just a good way to ruin it. Underwire in bras can be bent, lace can be torn, and straps can be tangled, all while shoved into a drawer. Lingerie is not cheap, so treat it well. Separate all of your pieces on the Bra Tree to keep everything in excellent condition for that much-needed steamy night.

Swimwear: Nothing is more frustrating than packing your things to go to the beach and having to hunt down both pieces of your bikini. The Bra Tree stops that teeny bikini from disappearing by keeping it in one easy-to-find spot.

Accessories: Scarves, belts, and necklaces … oh my! Accessories like these can be hard to organize. Scarves can be torn and frayed, belts can take up a lot of space, and necklaces can get easily scratched and tangled. The Bra Tree makes managing items like these simple by keeping them unharmed and organized.

For more info or to order, click here!

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