Give Your Bra a Long Life: Tips for Bra Care

The average price of  a bra in the United States is around $60, and most experts recommend that a woman have at least five bras to rotate during the work week, plus extra “special occasion” bras. This makes bras a major expense for most women: owning six average-priced bras will set you back $360. In addition, experts say that bras need to be replaced every 12 to 18 months, and more often for nursing bras or extra-large cup sizes.

Proper care of your bra will significantly extend its lifetime, saving you time and money. The following bra care tips gleaned from a variety of experts can help you keep your bras stronger, longer. Keep in mind that the more bras you own, the less often you’ll have to wear them and the longer they’ll last.

Wash Often.

Experts advise that you wash your bra frequently. Susan Nethero, known as the “bra whisperer” recommends washing a bra after wearing it twice. And Cindy Johnson, owner of SOL in Denver, says you should wash your bra after each wearing. The reason? According to Johnson, washing often will actually help your bra to last longer, because bras are made of gentle fabrics that break down with body oils. Frequent washing helps them maintain their structure and elasticity.

Hand Wash Your Bras.

While not a hard and fast rule, in a Huffington Post article on bra care the author noted that “each and every expert we spoke to said that hand washing your bras…is the best way to prolong their lives.” Bras should always be washed in cool or cold water with a gentle soap; never use bleach. Many bra experts recommend using baby shampoo, and noted that some gentle cleaners, including Woolite, contain bleach and should be avoided.

If you must wash your bra in a machine, always use the gentle cycle and cold water. You should clasp your bra before putting in the machine to prevent the clasps from tearing fabric, and using a mesh laundry bag is a good idea to prevent twisting and snagging.

Always Hang Dry.

Although the experts say that bras can be washed in the machine, hang drying them is a must—no exceptions. Bras and other delicate lingerie items are not meant to withstand the heat of a mechanical dryer, and this will damage them quickly.

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