How to Pick the Best Lingerie for Your Personality with Ease

Your lingerie is the most intimate type of apparel you’re ever going to wear. Therefore, it should be representative of who you are. To learn how to pick the best lingerie for your personality, check out the following list of recommended lingerie for the four most common female types.

Girly Girl Princess

Is pink your favorite color? Do you enjoy embracing your feminine side? Then you’re definitely a girly girl. Your lingerie style probably leans a little more towards cute than sexy. Thus, babydolls would be perfect for you. And of course, pink would be a great color for the babydolls.

Sexy Vixen

Like flaunting what your Mama gave you? Your best bet as far as lingerie goes is a sexy teddy made of lace or mesh. Wear it with a pair of stockings for the ultimate effect.

Sophisticated Lady

Are you a classy lady who likes to leave things to the imagination? Then a chemise is the ideal intimate apparel for you. This style of lingerie can show off your figure without being too revealing. And if you wish to cover yourself up even further, wear a kimono over the chemise.

Sporty Chic

Love feeling comfortable and chic at the same time? Then a sleepshirt should be right up your alley. A nightie is also nice for whenever you feel like playing up your feminine attributes.

If you find yourself fitting into more than one female type, that’s perfectly okay. Different occasions can call for different lingerie types anyway. So feel free to stock up on a variety of lingerie styles, and contact us for a Bra Tree that’s perfect for all lingerie personalities.

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