Bra Tree® Media

Chandler Arizona’s hottest new entrepreneurial company, Angelica Enterprises,
announces the newest must-have product on the market for women.

The Bra Tree®!

Combining beauty and functionality, this product appeals to women everywhere.
The Bra Tree® is designed to organize your collection of bras and sexy apparel.
The unique design and ease of use saves both time and money by organizing lingerie all in one location
while also minimizing creases, snags and crushed cups caused by pushing lingerie into drawers.

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Another great Milestone and endorsement for The Bra Tree®! It has been featured in a number one selling handbook on Amazon April 2, 2014. Tamara Monosoff, an author of multiple Inventor handbooks interviewed Angel, reviewed The Bra Tree product and loved the concept! She was thrilled to share Angel’s innovative solution for women looking for a better way to organize their bras in her interactive handbook.
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The Bra Tree® hits the media with their very first infomercial! Featured on MTV, VH1, Lifetime, Hallmark, Soap, DYI and Travel.  The Bra Tree®’s “As Seen on TV” infomercial stage before taping. Televised December 2011 and January 2012.

Angel’s First appearance Live on TV with the “Chat Room” November 20, 2009.
The Bra Tree® was featured and launched to Arizona residents!

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Angel and The Bra Tree® gets featured on Sonora Living Live on ABC channel 15!  
The word was spreading about the new and innovative Bra Tree®


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Revolutionary Bra Organizer Solves a Common Problem
for Women around the World!
Published by Gift Shop Magazine, July 17th, 2010


The Best Fashion Fixer Ever
Fashion fixers are more popular now than ever as today’s women look for simple, affordable solutions to meet their everyday needs. Today, Angelica Enterprises announces a sophisticated collection of bra organizers designed to hang bras, save space, and look beautiful doing it. The Bra Tree®, a clever creation and its attractive appeal, means no more tangled bras or wasted time in search of the right color. Now there is a new one of a kind necessity for ladies everywhere. The Bra Tree® comes in several attractive colors including: black satin with black lace trim, silver satin with black lace trim, and pink satin with black lace trim. New exciting colors and trims coming soon will include zebra, cheetah, and a sensuous deep red with black lace trim. The patent pending Bra Tree® is a revolutionary product creating wide-spread excitement across the country!


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Angel and The Bra Tree® are featured on stage with the well known Bob Circosta from HSN in front of hundreds of attendees at a CEO Space Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

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Diedra Hall purchased The Bra Tree®! The one and only Diedra Hall of “Days of Our Lives” endorses The Bra Tree® at the Ultimate Women’s Expo October 24, 2012. She loved it and took one home for herself! She loved the Leopard Print.

Show Some Storage Love for Your Bras!
An article written by Tara Rufo of Blast Magazine

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