Pretty Pink Bra Tree®

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With Pretty Pink you are sure to express your femininity and innocence.  This color allows you to be charming and let the girl in you shine! 


The Bra Tree® is the only bra organizer that is a bra hanger, guaranteed to deliver superior bra care … 

• Eliminates damage to cup shape, protecting underwire and lace

• Extends the life of bras 

• Saves drawer space 

• Hangs up to 12 bras  

• Hang bras to air-dry

• Organizes by color or style 

• Not just for bras…great for all lingerie, swimwear, scarves and belts too! 

The Bra Tree® – We have your solution! 




Dual padded hangers covered in silky pink satin fabric and accented with black sexy lace, connected by extension bar.

Each padded hanger contains six (6) small hooks for a total of twelve hooks for hanging all your intimate apparel.

Top hanger has one large hook that swivels, enabling the Bra Tree® to hang in any direction.

All hooks and extension bar are made of durable, lightweight material with a silver metallic finish.

This unique bra organizer hanger provides you with the best bra care and allows you to easily organize 12 bras while only taking up as much space as a closet hanger.  Organize by color or style and you’ll always have your lingerie at your fingertips. Never search for a bra again.

To utilize your Bra Tree® to the fullest, hang your lingerie, swimwear, sports bras, belts and scarves.  It’s also the perfect way to air dry your intimates to help eliminate damage from dryer heat.

The Bra Tree® is the perfect solution for …

• Bra Care & Bra Organizer

• Bra and Sports Bra Hanger

• Lingerie Hanger

• Swimwear Hanger

• Scarf and Belt Hanger

• Air-Dry all Delicate Apparel




Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 2 × 23 in


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