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The Importance of Breast Exams

October is here: Pumpkin spice in the air and our coffee, too much candy on the grocery store shelves, changing leaves and colorful landscapes, and, of course, breast cancer awareness.

That’s right! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So decorate your Bra Tree in pink, and celebrate with a great reminder about what you can do to ensure our ladies are taken care of. After all, healthy breasts are happy breasts!

When it comes to women’s health, no procedure is more important than the breast exam. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women today, but luckily we have early detection at our fingertips– Literally! Paired with regular mammograms, breast self-exams and clinical breast exams can help detect cancer at earlier stages.

You should always discuss breast exams with your physician and have your doctor show you the best way to perform a BSE (breast self-exam) to best establish a routine that’s right for you.

For women in their 20’s and 30’s, it is recommended to have a clinical breast exam at least once every three years, but according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform a BSE once per month.

Clinical exams are important for detection, as well. Benign lumps (non-cancerous) feel differently from cancerous ones, and your physician can note the distinction. Approximately 80% of all detected lumps end up being benign, so visit with your doctor before jumping to conclusions!

Regular exams, whether at home or at your doctor’s office, are just a good idea all around! If you and your doctor know what feels right, you have the best chance of catching it early when something feels wrong.

So love, explore, and take care of your body. Get regular examinations! And if you have questions, comments, or just want to discuss what we have to offer to keep your healthy breasts happy, contact us today!

Give your bosom buddies some love!