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Are You a Large-Breasted Woman in a Small-Breasted Woman’s Body? Why Some Women Get Breast Implants

Are you thinking about breast implants?  There are many reasons why women go in for breast implants, some of them medical and others purely aesthetic.  We all want to love our bodies the way we are but sometimes, our inner vision and our outer appearance don’t exactly match.  This is why some women get breast implants.

Sometimes, we want to fit into our clothes better.  At other times, we just want to feel better about ourselves.  And sometimes, we want to appear more attractive to the opposite sex.  These are all good reasons to get breast implants.

DoYou Want to Get Breast Implants?

The most important thing you should ask yourself before going in for this procedure is: Do I want breast implants?  Do you really think that you would feel better if you had breast implants or are you just doing it to please someone else?  It’s a good idea to go in for this procedure if you really feel that it’s best for you and not because someone else recommends it.

How Big Do You Want to Go?

The second question you might want to ask yourself is how big you want to go.  Do you really feel that you need to get breasts as big as those of porn stars?  Are you not going to be happy unless you have  double Ds?  Or do you just need to go up by a size or two?

You should also take the general proportions of your body into consideration before you get implants.  If you’re generally a very slim person, then you might not want to get breasts which are very big or else you’ll look too top-heavy.  If you have a sizable derriere, you can probably get away with very large-sized breasts.

Wardrobe Changes After Getting Breast Implants

Remember that once you get implants, you’ll have to change your wardrobe and the way you dress.  Some small-breasted women can get away with going braless but this won’t be an option with anything larger than a B cup.

Plus, when you have bigger breasts, you have to get well-tailored clothes to make sure that you are showing just the right amount of cleavage.  Many ready-made clothes are geared towards slimmer women these days, just because that’s the way the fashion industry works.  So you might find many dresses ride up a bit higher when you have larger breasts.  You might need to stop going to stores geared towards younger women, like Forever 21 or Express and go to stores geared towards older women like Ann Taylor or stores which stock more clothes for curvy women like Bebe.

If you really want to get breast implants, none of these is going to be a deterrent for you.  And if you’ve always felt like a large-breasted woman in a small-breasted woman’s body, you should definitely go for breast implants.  Just keep in mind all the lifestyle changes you might need to make when you do this.

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