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What’s Better for a Breastfeeding Mom? Sexy Bra or Comfort?

Getting ready to become a breastfeeding mom? You’ll definitely need some new bras. But whats better? Sexy bra or comfort?

Wearing Sexy Bras While Breastfeeding

During the early days of motherhood, feeling sexy can be challenging. Your body’s still recovering from everything it’s been through with labor and delivery. Plus you’re likely to be tired and sleep deprived with a newborn under your care. During such times, a sexy bra can offer a great lift to your self-image. Also, it can help get you in the mood for resuming intimate relations with your spouse. However, there is a big downside to wearing a sexy bra while breastfeeding, and that’s the fact that it can be uncomfortable to wear.

Wearing Comfortable Nursing Bras

When wearing a bra that’s specifically made for breastfeeding, you won’t have to worry about comfort being an issue. Thus, you can easily wear the bra throughout the day and into the night. That’s great considering how you’ll probably want to wear a bra while sleeping to provide some support to your now larger breasts. However, there is a con to the typical nursing bra, and that is how they’re usually not all that attractive in appearance.

Owning Some of Each

Since there are pros and cons to both sexy bras and comfortable nursing bras, you’re probably best to own some of each. This way, you can dress for comfort when at home with your new baby, and then simply change into a sexier bra when going out or having some alone time with your spouse.

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