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Underwire or No Wire, Five Tips on How to Love Them Both

It has been a great fashion debate for decades as to whether a woman should wear underwire bras or bras with no wires. Every woman has her own opinion about what bra works best. Whichever side you choose in this war is totally up to you.

Every woman can give her own personal story on why underwire or no wire is better. The truth is, you like what you like. Some women claim that underwire is way too uncomfortable and hard to take care of. Some women would swear that underwire is the best way to accent the breasts and define the breast area.

The purpose of the underwire is to round out the breasts and give them a lift. Underwire is great for those who like them. Even liking just a sports bra is a personal choice. However, you should know just how to take care of whatever bra you choose.

To get the most out of a bra underwire or not, here are five tips to taking care of them:

  1. Remember that underwire is picky. Underwire can work itself out of the bra and end up poking you later. They can also work themselves out of the bra when you least expect it. To keep this from happening never stuff them in drawers, or the washing machine.
  2. Wash all of them by hand! Whether your bras have a wire or not, you can save wear and breakdown of your bras by washing them by hand. Lace and hooks can get caught up in other clothes and the washing machine.
  3. Use hand wash friendly soap! A lot of bras are made of delicate materials and detergent can also break them down. Use a detergent that is made just for hand washing intimates.
  4. Use a Bra Tree organizer to dry them and store them. The Bra Tree will keep you from using the shower rod or the door knobs.
  5. When you get home after a long hard day at work, hang your bra up to keep it off the floor or stuffed in the hamper. If your bra needs to be cleaned, then clean it and hang it back on the Bra Tree. This way you always have a clean bra ready to go.

Following these simple tips will keep your bras fresh and organized. Also you will save money in the long run, because you will not need to buy bras as often. To get your very own Bra Tree or have any questions, please contact us!

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