“I LOVE my Bra Tree®!”


“Thank you so much for the follow up. I did get the lower tier and put them together. I absolutely love it! This is the best bra organizer ever. Thanks again for the great service and quick resolution…great customer service!” LeeAnn, (Amazon Customer)
“I am so glad you followed up with me as I have been meaning to send and email saying THANK YOU for your wonderful customer service! Yes! it worked like a charm and now I have 2 functional Bra Trees and one as a backup!! 😉 I have been swamped and your follow up email made it so easy to just hit reply!  Thank you again so much for the awesome customer service!! You bet I will be back for more for gifts with the holidays coming!!  Warm regards,” Cynthia  (Amazon Customer)
“I love my bra tree. My bras are organized and easy to find. I love it and don’t ever want to be without it!Tia E.
“What an ingenious idea, I can’t believe that there hasn’t been something like this sooner. I love the convenience of using it and I haven’t searched for a bra since!”Jessica A.
“I never knew how awesome the bra tree would be, but it is. I did not want to spend the money on it, but I am glad I did. It has come in very handy.” Kristen B. (Facebook Post)
“I had heard about the bra tree from a friend but didn’t think it would be worth buying, and then she had a giveaway and I won my choice of a bra tree, and I absolutely LOVE it! I will be buying one for my friend for her birthday because she is so jealous of mine a cheap, great product to get those nighties and bras out of the drawer, we pay lots of money for our under garments, about time we can “show” them off.” Julia K.  (posted on our Facebook Bra Tree page)

113_0113-300x225 Testimonials   113_0113-300x225 Testimonials

Desiree before and after photos
No longer does she have her bras laying all over the place to air dry.


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